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Tollok Locking Assemblies

UAB „Dukranos grupė“  


About chains


The chains are used:

  • In all systems of the conveyor
  • In the paper and wood processing
  • In the industries of  food and beverage
  • In the industries of textile
  • In the industries equipment, asphalt, cement, steel, plastic
  • In the industries of furniture
  • In the agricultural machinery
  • In the mining industry
  • In oil production.

We are the official representative of germany company Rexnord in Lithuania and a representative of company Donghua in Baltic States. The most important purpose of the company "Dukranos grupė"  consists in helping the user to choose correctly a roller chain.

We are keeping wide range of Rexnord, Link-Belt, Donghua and other producers chains in warehouse.

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Type of roller chains:





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