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Conveyor chains


Conveyor chains are classified in types M, MT, MC, FV and FVT. ŘETĚZY VAMBERK chains usually are used in wood processing machinery, mining, automotive industries and in other conveyor systems. Fulfils ISO quality requirements. We are keeping ŘETĚZY VAMBERK conveyor chains in warehouse.  

Konvejerinės grandinėsLink-Belt Konvejerinės grandinėsKonvejerinės grandinėsKonvejerinės grandinės
Konvejerines grandinesKonvejerines grandinesgrandinesLink-Belt Konvejerines grandines


ŘETĚZY konvejerinės grandines- The surface of ŘETĚZY VAMBERK conveyor chains fingers are tempered. The fingers are pressed;
- The ends of fingers are ovals. That saves fingers from turning over during the working time;
- The surface of conveyor chains bushes are tempered. Outer and inner hardness is the same;
- The ends of bushes are ovals – that saves bushes from turning over;
- The hardness of rollers outer and inner is the same;
- The holes of conveyor chains plates are ovals;
- The plates are calibrating for to get better fatigue resistance.
Conveyor chains FV, FVT, FVC, M, MT and other type of chains
Certificate of conveyor chains - ISO

 Roller chains





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