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Roller chains


European standard ISO  606 / DIN 8187 ( 6,0 mm- 14,3 mm ) and American standard ISO  606 / DIN 8188 ( 9,525 mm-76,2 mm ).

Pavarų grandinėsGrandinės pavaromsPavarų grandinėsPavarų grandinės kaina
Grandinės pavaromsPavaru grandinesGrandinėsPavaru grandines

American standard, H-series with higher fatigue strength (thicker link plates), ISO 606 (19,05-63,5mm); 
- The surface hardness of plates and rollers is ca. 60 HRc;
- The link plates are much thicker;
- Rexnord roller chains in the H series have a higher fatigue strength of ca. 40%.
American standard, HE-series with higher fatigue strength (thicker plates) and higher tensile srength, ISO 606 (19,05mm-63,5mm);
- The surface hardness of plates, rollers and pins is ca. 60 HRc;
- The link plates are much thicker;
- Rexnord roller chains in the HE series have a higher fatigue strength of ca. 40%.

Rexnord RexPro – the chain for continuous operation! RexPro stands for an exceptional protection against corrosion and wear resistance as well as protection against stiff joints or links. RexPro is also distinguished by its environmental sustainability and is compliant with requirements for use in the food industry (NSF H2 Certification).
- Outstanding protection against corrosion and wear;
- Seam-free, shot-peened rollers. Bush - high surface hardness, hard wearing;
- Extremely eco-friendly / Country of Origin Certification.

Catalogue of Rexnord roller chainsCatalogue of Rexnord roller chains

Certificate of ISOCertificate of ISO

Certificate of CE (EC)Certificate of CE (EC)


Link-Belt – ValueLine. Rexnord offers the roller chain brand Link-Belt in its Value Line segment in addition to its Premium Line segment Rex. Link-Belt roller chains are suitable for use in various standard applications.


Catalogue of LinkBelt roller chainsCatalogue of LinkBelt roller chains

Certificate of ISO Certificate of ISO


donghua pavarų grandinėsDonghua brand have full range of roller chains, especially for agricultural machinery.




Catalogue of Donghua roller chainsCatalogue of Donghua roller chains

Certificate of ISOCertificate of ISO


Roller chains


Rexnord Wrapflex - elastomer couplings. Low cost elastomer in sheer with replace-in-place element. Easy installation and service without need to move hubs or connected equipment.



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