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Stainless steel roller chain


Company "Dukranos grupė" can offer three brands of stainless steel roller chainsRexnord, Link-Belt and Donghua.

Nerūdijančio plieno grandinėsNerūdijančio plieno grandinėsNerūdijančio plieno grandinėsgrandinės

Stainless steel chain RexPlus offers excellent characteristics and are used where the water is a key factor in the working environment, where hygiene requirements must be fulfilled or where it needs stainless steel. Made from materials with excellent rust- and acid-resistant properties. High loading capacity at speeds up to approx. 1.5 m / sec. RexPlus work temperature range: - 40° C to + 120° C (extension from - 40° C to + 400° C possible).

- excellent resistance to rust and acids, reliable.
- water, steam, aggressive liquids, fulfills hygiene requirements. For use in extreme conditions;
- Patented special steel;
- NSF H1 certification (direct contact with food);
- Country of Origin certification.

Catalogue of RexPlus roller chains     Certificate of ISO      Certificate of CE (EC)





Catalogue of Link-Belt stainless steel chains
     Certificate of ISO




Catalogue of Donghua stainless steel chains 




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