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Overall dimensions of Rexnord self-aligning bearings are in accordance with ISO 3228 standards.  All self-aligning bearings are interchangeable with their correspondent cast iron versions. Self-aligning bearings are equipped with stainless steel AISI 304/316 bushes to reinforce mounting holes.The reinforcing bushings avoid damages to the plastic flange during screw tightening.Only best quality glass fibre reinforced polyamide PA FV/polypropylene PP FV thermoplastic resins are used for the self-aligning housings. The resins used guarantee high resistance to oxidation and corrosion and at the same time equal the strength offered by cast iron housings. They offer a better resistance to impact. Polyamide PA FV resins offer maximum heat and mechanical resistance. Polypropylene PP FV resins offer maximum resistance to chemical agents.
A system of waterproof seals protects the bearing from external environment. Protection from dust, humidity, washouts, chemical agents. The clip-on protection cover allows inspection of the bearing.
Continuous operating temperature in air: - 20 to + 60°C. All Rexnord bearings are self-aligning, capable of compensating misalignments up to 2°.

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