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Orange Peel guards


Rexnord Falk Orange Peel guards is designed for coupled coupling applications and for spacer coupling applications. Orange Peel guards comply with OSHA, ASME and ANSI standards. Very few guards do! Look for a Safety Orange or Yellow guard, gaps no greater than .250” (6mm) and ANSIZ535.4 compliant warning labels. Orange Peel’s hinged guards open quickly by removing fasteners and“peeling” open the guard halves for coupling lubrication, inspection and maintenance High-Impact. Polyethylene plastic is extremely tough and durable. Orange Peel guards are ideal for harsh environments and virtually eliminate all guard maintenance.


Metal or platic.
Easy installation in work place.

Catalogue of Falk Orange Peel                   
Catalogue of Falk Orange Peel MCG   
Catalogue of Falk Orange Peel CCG/PCG 






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