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takes advantage of one of the widest range of products available such as: wormgearboxes, bevel helical, parallel shafts, shaft mounting, helical inline gearboxes with one, two or three reduction stages, mechanical variators with or without a reduction unit downstream, zero system device (epicycloidal system), remote control for variators, A.C. and D.C. electric motors as well as A.C. motors with built-in inverter. Very impressive is the dynamism of the technical solutions. At any time the products are subjected to revisions in order to make them suitable for customized requirements even for special items.


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For more than 100 years, the Falk name has earned a reputation for delivering the highest value gear drive solutions in the power transmis-sion industry. The Falk Drive One product family of gear drives carries on this tradition. Its robust yet elegant design integrates the proven features and benefits of past designs with industry-leading innovations derived from our experience with heavy industry’s most demanding applications. The result is a new standard in drive reliability…and a drive with the design and feature sets that make it easy for you to standardize on one platform for all your mid-to-large-size drive requirements.

 Falk gearboxesgearboxesgearboxesFalk gearboxes
Falk gearboxesGearboxes mootor-reduktoridgearboxesgearboxes

General data:
- 9 size;
- Torque until 458 000 Nm;
- Ratio from 1,25 until 700.

Catalogue of Falk gearbox


industrial gearboxes are used in a range of specialist applications in industries such as the chemicals, energy, material handling, environmental, extraction, pulp and paper, steel and metal, food and beverage, and construction industries.
Hansen industrial gearbox range consists of a core standardised selection covering over a hundred different applications in a torque range from 6kNm to 1100kNm which are suitable for both right angle and parallel shaft configurations in either horizontal or vertical arrangements.
Throughout Hansen history, four generations of standardised industrial gearboxes have been developed, the latest generation being the P4 series which is a modular design that can be adapted to suit customer requirements through extensive applications engineering during the sales process. 

 Hansen motoreduktoriaiHansen motoreduktoriaiHansen motoreduktoriaiHansen motoreduktoriai
Hansen motoreduktoriaiHansen motoreduktoriaiHansen motoreduktoriaiHansen motoreduktoriai



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