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Sprockets, pulleys


Sprockets are for roller and conveyor chains made from steel, stainless steel and cast iron. The sprockets can be simplex, duplex, triplex, from pitch 6 mm to 50,8 mm. We can supply sprockets with hardened teeth too. The sprockets range compose sprockets with hub, plate wheels, sprockets with taper bush. The pulleys can be used for V-belts and sinchronouse belts. They are made from steel, cast iron or aluminium. The V-belts are 0,A,B,C profiles. The pulleys can be mounted directly on the shaft or with taper bushes help.
We are keeping wide range of sprockets in warehouse.

Sprockets, pulleysSprockets, pulleysSprockets, pulleysŽvaigždutės grandinėms, skriemuliai
Sprockets, pulleysSprockets, pulleysSprockets, pulleysSprockets, pulleys

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