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Tollok Locking Assemblies

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Tollok Locking Assemblies


Proven Reliability, Dependable Expertise, Broad Range of Options
For more than 35 years, Tollok® products have led the industry in locking assemblies. Our robust product offering features a wide range of options from simple and compact designs to advanced features. Our full line of locking assemblies can be customized to fit our customers’ ever-changing application needs and are ideal for use in heavy-duty and specially engineered environments.
Deliver Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Tollok designs its product by using state-of-the-art analysis tools to ensure the most accurate designs possible. CAD drawings are directly integrated in a production system through CAD-CAM technology. This combined with the latest manufacturing methodology ensures high precision products with a short lead time.
Connecting Technology with Application Solutions
Tollok offers a broad range of internal locking assemblies, locking elements, shrink discs and rigid couplings to fit to a wide range of applications. Tollok locking assemblies could be an alternative to a shaft/hub connection such as: key, splined, press fit, QD bushing or Taper Lock bushing. Tollok products are dimensionally interchangeable with most industry standard units.
Connecting Technology with the Best Service
Our product line is complemented with industry leading service. Each unit is protected, packed and suitably prepared for shipping. Tollok products are distributed worldwide. Regardless of the location, our customers can rely on our experienced application engineers for technical support.

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