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UAB „Dukranos grupė“  

Wire belts


"Dukranos grupė"
can offer a wide range of wire belt for diverse needs. The most wire belts used in thermo tunels, bakery oven, cooling&drying plants, fish and meat industries. Wire belts can work from -50°C to +1200°C. Produced from various steel wire stainless, spiral, fire-resistant steel. We can supply wire belts also with flights, chains on sides.

 sietaiKonvejeriniai metaliniai sietaiKonvejeriniai metaliniai sietaiKonvejeriniai metaliniai sietai
Konvejeriniai metaliniai sietaiKonvejeriniai metaliniai sietaiKonvejeriniai metaliniai sietaiKonvejeriniai metaliniai sietai

Catalogue of wire belts


Perforated, draged, welded and wicked screens are made from plain, galvanized or stainless steel. We have the opportunity to provide a broad range these kind of products for:  
  - food industry
  - Mining industry
  - Agriculture and other products.
All kinds of sheets can be produced not only standard dimensions, we can also produce sheets or their products according to individual orders.

Perforated metal  Perforuoti metaliniai sietai          Expanded metala mesh



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